What is life?

Life must go on. That’s what they say, isn’t it? But why? Don’t get me wrong, I hope it does, but why must it? I find that I’m reminded of the film ‘As Good as it Gets’ – the gay neighbour says “I’m so damned sorry for myself that it’s hard to breath”. I feel like that sometimes. Later in the film the OCD neighbour says “I’m drowning here and you’re describing the water!”

Some days I feel that life has no business going on; but it goes on anyway.

The thing is even on my greyest days, something very important, deep inside of me wants it to. And that’s it, really. Life is the most exciting, challenging, rewarding, difficult, one-shot-only, awesome, lonely, lovely, secret, shared, loving, joyous, happy, tear-drenched, magnificent, daily, humiliating, humbling, sickening, encouraging mishmash of an experience available to humans this side of the death-barrier.

We may disagree about what, if anything, is on the other side of that barrier, but whether God (as I believe) or chance put us here, life is a gift.

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