It Never Ends

Kilrain brushes crumbs away from his chin and sets his monstrous corned beef sandwhich back on his plate. The probie stands awkwardly in the aisle across from him and looks expectantly on. Kilrain wipes his mouth with his napkin and motions for him to sit.

“Did you remember to get the last name this time kid?” Kilrain asks as he takes a sip of black coffee.
The probie smiles sheepishly and gamely tries to hide his embarrasment.
“No sir, no last names this time. There was fire in the dumpsters behind our apartment and when they looked through it, there was a badly burned body in the bottom. No i.d. yet.”

Kilrain reaches for the manilla folder in the probie’s hand and opens it. He throws it on the seat next to him in disgust and stuffs the rest of his sandwhich in his mouth. As Kilrain drains his coffee, he curses out loud. A waitress looks at him, surprised, but turns away as Kilrain throws an extra bill on the table. He smiles, but its empty.

Probie had just ruined his lunch, but they had work to do.

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