Your Eyes.

Your eyes.
You know how I melt in your eyes.
They’re lies,
they hypnotize,
I despise
your eyes.

They look
They stare
without a care,
Do I dare
lose myself in your eyes?

I’m lost
I’m found.
All around
there is no sound.
I’m bound
and drowned
in a sea of green.

I faint
I fall
You’re not here at all
whenever I call
you just disappear.

So leave
Go and run
As if we had no fun.
As if you never won.
My heart is like a gun-
Only so many shots
until there’s nothing left.

Suppose that you were here;
So much that I would say
in a way
not delayed
or paid
or swayed
or made
to think
we’re something we’re not.

Your eyes.
We’re back to eyes
and lies,
and endless tries,
and ties
to lives
that thrive
on me
and you.
You want it too-
I can see it in your eyes.

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