A Session With Dr. Clark

“Alright Alice, be a good girl and calm down now. Everything will be splendid, it just takes time.”

Dr. Clark’s steady voice reaches Alice’s ears and she gives a sigh of resignation. The doctor’s face says they have done this routine more than a few times.

“Doctor, you don’t understand. I can’t very well forget something I can’t remember.”

Dr. Clark smiles and crosses his hands," So you are admitting, my dear, that you cannot remember how you come to be in Wonderland?"

“Well no, not really… but it’s complicat…”

“Does that not sound like a dream my dear girl?” Dr. Clark interrupts with an arrogant smile. Alice just rolls over on the couch, knowing that she doesn’t have the words to explain.

Dr. Clark continues, unperturbed," You must understand, I am only trying to wake you from this terrible dream, Alice. Now, shall we try again my dear?" He leans back into his highback chair, clearly not expecting much of a response.

All too soon, Dr. Clark’s words fade away, and Alice is again adrift in memories.

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