The Past, She Haunts Me

“She’s standing right there,” said Josh. He and Jason were standing just feet away from the railroad tracks. Three days ago, Angie, Josh’s sister, had been hit by the train as it passed through.
“There’s nothing anyone could have done, J.,” said Jason. Josh snapped his head, suddenly inches from Jason’s face.
“You don’t understand, she’s RIGHT THERE! You can’t see her, but she’s there!” screamed Josh, spittle flying into Jason’s facial hair. Jason shoved Josh away.
“There are no arms! No lights! It was a windy night, and she didn’t hear the God Damned train! Let her go!” Angie walked between Jason and Josh. “C’mon J! Just let her go. Please.”
“You don’t understand. When something bad happens to you, you leave a part of yourself for someone else to find. She left this for us to find, Jason! I know she did!” explained Josh.
“What?” Jason said, bewildered.
“Your life is made up of a pre-spcified amount of moments. This was Angie’s last moment. And if you know what to look for, you can see them.”

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