Chaos part two (A dream I had)

I needed to find the rest of my class. I was responsible for them, but I also needed to glean what information I could for the students taking refuge here with me. As the only adult, it was my responsibility to keep them safe.

Screams and running came from the hall. I raced to a second door, exiting into a room with windows. Outside, there was mayhem. A storm of some sort made everything deep gray, rain making the world feel close and small.

Behind me there was a scrabbling, yelling. Something not quite human sniffed me out. I bolted. The hall was a chasm now, but not wide. Across from me was an open door, and the floor was covered with rice.

The monster was nearly breathing down my neck, so I leaped. It roared because the rice covered over me in a wave as I hit the floor. Inside the room were a few ragged people. A lanky female began barking orders, I was pulled back, the rice swept up, and candles lit, some thrown at the monster, and it exploded.

The monster had been familiar..

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