Living a Lie

“Sorry about the hand,” said a dwarf.

Harran looked at the Princess. “Who’s that?”

The Princess seemed embarrassed. The little man stuck out a hand. “I’m Cosmo.”

“I’d shake but…” Harran lifted his stump. He was still staring at the Princess. “Who’s that?”

“We hit his craft. You, um, saved him from the spapes.”

Cosmo was apologetic. “My mother stepped under ladders, intersected black cats, and spilled a lot of salt. I was born a jinx.” He leaned against the bulkhead. A voice boomed, “ACTIVATING SECURITY FOOTAGE #45463.”

A hologram materialized, showing Harran helping Cosmo into the ship. Harran tripped over Cosmo, knocking his head on the floor as Cosmo’s pinkie grazed the airlock key. The airlock slammed into Harran’s hand.

The Princess was staring daggers at Cosmo. “Oops,” he said.

“So much for morale building,” she said.

Harran was trembling. “So there are no spapes.”

“There are spapes in the ship.”

“You couldn’t wrench the head off one…”

“But we were hoping you would try.”


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