Tools: Ebb and Flow

“What do you want?” I asked with some difficulty.

“I am not here to charge you with anything or to reveal that which has lain hidden for so long. The reality is actually much more difficult to explain. You have been chosen to help us with a problem, or more precisely, one of a number of problems.”

“Who is this ‘us’ you speak of?”

He lowered his sunglasses with his index finger and gave me a long look.

“Right.” I said not sure what I was agreeing with. “I suppose you don’t have a name either?”

“Of course I have a name you bloody idiot. Do you think this is some kind of Hollywood movie?” He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and withdrew a single business card. The card was tinted the same pale blue as the suit he wore. The name Frost flowed across the field in gold script. Below his name was the number 008.982.1786. America. I flipped the high-quality card over, the back was blank.

Frost continued, “We are giving you a special opportunity. Once in a lifetime, if you’ll excuse the phrase.”

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