A Brave New World From The Last To The First

“Keep ’em busy!” Sera exclaimed, but it was completely unnecessary as well as completely inaudible to her partner. Bolts of plasma were already hurtling toward the Marauder interceptors as Sera struggled with her own inertia to pull out in front of and block the path of the runaway stroller. The truck’s knobby off-road tyres howled in protest as they fought for purchase, and it was only once they were already too close that their error became obvious. In the split second before impact they could see the servos and wiring rigged to the stroller’s frame. James was struck by how little the dull thud of the explosion resembled the dramatic roar they made in films. At least, that is, before he struck the concrete of the roadway.

As he came to, James found that as well as his ears ringing and his everything hurting, he couldn’t move. For a brief, terrifying moment he thought he had been paralyzed before he realized he was merely being held still, gripped tightly in the hand of an automech that he didn’t recognize.

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