I’m tryna not to bathe my ape in your Milky Way

“Well, she was an alien.”

“There’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships.”

“Think species not race.”

“Then you’d be insane to pass up such an opportunity!”

“Hollywood says otherwise. Alien chicks are bad news. They impregnate you violently then eat you or turn you into a pod person.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“I didn’t want anyone quoting a Katy Perry song at me… or go Kayne on me.”

“Still stupid.”

“Think about it. What if I actually fathered a bastard kid? What’s next, intergalactic child support?”

“Oh, man.”

“The kid would go around a half breed while his bros make fun of him for not being blue enough or something.”

“Go on, I think you can exceed yourself.”

“Then he’d want to find his real father. So he shows up in an ufo and accidentally nukes China because he’s just gotten his ufo license.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. That’d be taking after his daddy.”

“Whoa, that wasn’t my fault! The tree was in my way.”

“Well, you could be around for the kid.”

“No, man, I’m too ghetto for that.”

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