In doing so her eyes connected with his through the rearview mirror.

A conversation ensued, a nuance of blinks and meaningful stares. Their eyes flashed. A salvo of angry horn honking shattered the moment; they were holding up traffic. The beemer seemed to reluctantly pull forward.

He cursed the billboard as it and its accusatory SINGLE? passed by. The fact it was an advertisement for single serving dairy creamer somehow made it worse. He had misgauged his own desperation. He’d seen something in her gaze. If life were a movie, this would be the moment of decisive action. He made up his mind and stepped on the gas.

All it took was a clip on the beemer’s rear bumper. She swerved in traffic, almost losing control before squealing to a stop on the shoulder. He settled his noble craft gingerly behind hers and watched her emerge. My God, he thought. Her eyes were beautiful… but the rest of her wasn’t.

He resisted the temptation to step on the gas.

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