Letter to a human

Dear human,

You’re getting it so wrong. You’re supposed to feel pain. It’s how you know that you’re alive. Without it, you wouldn’t appreciate the good feelings. Live. It’s possible, but only if you keep living, that someday you might change someone’s life. You’ll do the smallest thing, and it’ll brighten up their whole world. After months of constant abuse, you’ll keep a 9-year-old girl from hanging herself. Or you’ll simply say a few kind words to a man, and the anger he was going to channel through his fists that night, somehow dissipates. Whoever it is, they’re breathing right now. And if you follow through with this plan of yours, you’re taking away their chance for happiness. You might think you’re causing nothing but pain in people’s lives, or that you’re not even making a difference at all. But you have, and you will. Not a single breath of yours goes unnoticed.

The universe.

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