“Are you kidding?”
“No, not at all.” He held the tickets up in his hand.
“This is so fantastic. I can’t believe we’re leaving this place and going to America!” He jumped up and down, kicking his heels together.
“I know, I know. Hurry up, pack your stuff. Boats leaving today.”
He paused, “Today? I haven’t even gotten to say goodbye to my family. I can’t leave and never come back.”
He held the tickets in front of his eyes, waving them back and forth. “Look at these. You will never see them again if you don’t take them now. Besides, you will see your family in no time. They will understand there are more opportunities where we’re going.”
He sighed, still skeptical. His head agreed, but his heart held back. This was the time to be logical, not sentimental. He packed his things and walked out the door leaving a solemn note behind.

They arrived at the dock and looked up at the ship.
“It’s huge.”
“Of course it is. It’s the Titanic! This is going to be life changing my friend, life changing.”

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