I woke up the other day and I found I had turned into a bug.

It took me a while to fully realize what had happened, the only real thing I could latch onto was six legs, my six legs, waving in the air as I was stuck on my back. I took it in stride though. I’m used to waking up in strange beds. I’m a traveling salesman and I’ve woken up in and with stranger circumstances than my present.

My family needed me to work all the time, they are all a bunch of bums, except for my younger sister Grete. She’ll go to a conservatory one day. Who can get work as a giant beetle, I ask you?

I began to shrink more as my family pushed me out of their life. They took in three boarders who left all their junk in my room.

My senses fail and even my little Grete proclaimed I was no longer her brother.

I grew weak and the last thing I felt was a whoosh of air and a shade come over me.

I never heard the wet smack of the shoe.

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