To be a Musician you need— (part I)

To be a Musician you need
a desire to show off
because you are good, and you know it
because the music – your music – is good,
and you want the world to know it.

So let the spotlight be yours.

to always long for more—
more pieces, more spotlight, more glory, more skill
and make sure you always get what you want
whatever you want
in the name of music.

So let the music be yours.

at yourself when you’re not improving
at your audience for not understanding
at the score for being almost impossible
and at music itself (herself), for being

So let the beauty be yours.

to be desperately jealous
of musicians who are good
(musicians who are better, then better still but never
because that place on the platform is
yours. Will eventually be
And nobody else is allowed to be better, anymore.

So let the first place be yours, only yours, always

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