“FAITH” on friday the 13th

I don’t believe in ghosts. What I do believe is that to make sure man remains faithful to God there had to be a negative force on this universe. But what I was not aware is that God was set to bend my thoughts into reality. It was Friday the 13Th of Feb 09, the date which coincidentally is considered to be the mother of all bad omen.

It was a weekend so I just thought we (me and my wife) will visit the hair salon at Juhu Tara Road. To reach there we had to go through the cooper hospital gali just to avoid the mad jam on the main road. From what I have heard this road is a hangout place for the souls from the land of no return. We were in an autorichshaw. We were having a talk about how Mumbai has to change a lot to be a shanghai, like any other mumbaikar. As we approached the lane there was a chilling calm in the air. From the rick I could see trees along the footpath forming a demonic looking shadow on the road. Then in a split second there was a cool breeze blowing and to break the silence of the night…

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