“FAITH” on friday the 13th-Part2

Trrrrrr…trr in all this there was just one thing going on in my mind how do people stay here. Every body knows that all the train accident victims and the accident cases land up in this hospital. At times you will be able to see the ward boys carrying bodies to the morgue in a cart, without even covering them. I don’t understand how humanity can be so cruel to the dead. I don’t really know whether the dead would actually know whether adequate respect is being given to them or no.But there is a lot of research that is gone into this, world over which says that the soul of dead can actually sense the way the body is being treated. Based on that the soul reacts and decide to either stay back on earth or to take the stairway to the gatekeeper.Trrr…Tr rr then suddenly the rick slowed down and we came to a halt.

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