“FAITH” on friday the 13th-Part3

The driver told us that he needs to take a leak. He left us in the middle of the road right next to the cooper hospital exit. The open side of the rickshaw was on the left side of me and I was looking at the entrance on the right. There Was this husky voice that got my attentation “Baiji lighter hai?”. I turned left and I noticed a man dressed in off white shirt and formal white pants with pleets, kind of archiac style. I noticed a cigarette in his hand. I just said “Nahi hai yar?”. As i looked up I couldn’t see his face it was dark. The man just walked away from me casually. Our rick driver came running, jumped into the rick and hastily drove away. He was perspiring and was muttering something. I asked him “Boss kya hua?”. There was a minute of silence before he broke into tears. And then what he was muttering became clear, he was reciting the hanuman chalisa. His wired behaviour was scarry “Boss side me rok dho apka thabyath theek nahi lag raha hai.” I said.

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