“FAITH” on friday the 13th-Part4

He pulled over and then I moved out of the rick. I could see his eyes absolutely frozen glued to the road and tears rolling down his cheek. He said “wo aadmi.. wo aadmi…”. I asked him again “kya hua?”. “Woh aadmi ka sar…. apne dhekha nahi?” We had come a long way from there I looked back casually to check if that man was still there. He was there I could recognise his white shirt any where. He was standing there leaning on a tree. THe rickshaw driver told me “Woh admi ka sar nahi tha.”. I was bamboozled by his statement. I looked at my wife for confirmation and her Fear struck eyes confirmed the statement he had made. A shiver went down my spine and I told him to immediately get us out of there. There was pin drop silence in the rick. God has finally shown me the force he uses to pull people towards him. I think the defence mechanism of human beings is an attribute designed to unite people and bring them to a single platform. This is the instance when human beings cry out in unison “god help us”.

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