Shameless Part 3

“Clara,” she begins but I cut her off. I do not want to listen to this woman’s words. I hold up my hand, “Don’t. Just…don’t.” Tears threaten to leak down my cheeks but I don’t dare wipe them away in fear it will make the crying obvious. My mother looks at me, her long brown hair in tangles, her eyes a faded blue, skin wrinkled and tight from years of stress. The years of this heavy burden she has carried must have stolen all the beauty left in her; because the woman I see I do not recognize. I expect to see a woman standing expressionless with neglect not a bother to her. I guess I wish to see that woman, so I have a reason to hate her for coming back. However, I’m left with a woman who looks like a kind old soul. I stare straight into her eyes and without thinking I speak, “Why are you here?”
It is silent for a moment. “So we can be a family again,” she whispers. I narrow my eyes at her, “Well,” I say, my voice wavering, “That is never going to happen.”

I shut the door and cry against the wall.

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