Child of the Heavens

Now after time had past, the Sun and Moon
became dissatisfied with emptiness,
that ever present lack surrounding them.
No more was joy amidst the garden bright,
no pleasure gotten from the shining stars.
The sorrow spun around the lovers both,
and both embraced inside this new despair.
So said the Moon, “Alone we cannot stay.
This great expanse we cultivate is not
the end of our great work. Is there not more
awaiting for us than eternal toil?
A solitude of two which ever-lasts
is pain I cannot bear.” The Sun agreed,
and gave assurance to her trembling form.
He said, “My love, my wife, your weeping words
destroy my heart with their offending truth.
For true, indeed, we are yet incomplete.
The greatest cultivation we attempt
means naught without a fuller company.
So let us, with our powers to create,
conjoin and from ourselves a being make.”
Now when he finished speaking, Sun and Moon
together brought a child from themselves.
And when the birth completed, they did gaze
upon her, and he named the daughter Earth.

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