Waking Up - Kory.

Kory woke up next to the woman of his dreams.
He looked over at the clock on his bedside table, careful not to disturb the arm draped across his chest. 6:00AM.
He rotated slowly to face her, gingerly lifting her wrist.
God she’s beautiful.
Feeling inspired, he rolled out of bed, again lifting her wrist. He made sure he stepped on all the quiet floorboards as he made his way to the kitchen. He made coffee, carefully measuring out what he knew to be the perfect ratio of coffee grounds to water. He opened his refrigerator wide, taking in all the ingredients. He decided on bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

Several burnt pancakes, a frantic search for syrup, 5 squeezed oranges and 40 minutes later, he was ready, plates on a tray, standing at the door to the bedroom. He knocked politely.
No response.
He opened the door slowly; perhaps she was still asleep.
But she wasn’t.
She was gone.

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