Waking Up - Charlotte

Waking up after not having eaten in days was Charlotte’s favorite part of the day. She had set her first alarm for 6:13AM, 7 minutes before she had to wake up for school, so that she could fully enjoy the moment.
It was all in the fingers. She spent at least 2 minutes tracing her bones, starting with her hip. Bones. Rib bones, hip bones, collar bones. She pressed her finger into each one, to the point of pain, and savoring it. Bones were her god.
She then moved to her empty, empty stomach. She felt the sharp dip from her hip to her lower belly, relishing in the fact that it was definitely flatter than yesterday.
So flat.
So empty.
So light.
So close.
Then her fingers felt it, with just one minute left; the pocket of fat that had attached to her abdomen years prior and would not let go. Her bliss quickly spiraled into misery.
That’s when her second alarm went off. As she rose from bed and began her morning routine, that misery stuck to her like the fat on her thighs.
Fat piece of fuck.
One more day.

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