On Patrol: Recovery

One thing at a time, I told myself. I opened a panel outside the showers with a key from the huge ring that I carried, revealing a ordered array of indicators, dials, fluid gauges all connected together by a maze of piping. Noting down the levels of a handful of key indicators, I compared them against the readings from days past.

Propulsion steam and oil pressure levels were relatively normal, for which I was thankful, but the good news ended there. Charged steam pressure was well below expected and the crew-consumption reservoir was near-empty. Somewhere deep inside the Heart’s Desire a pipe cluster was prioritising propulsion steam, taking pressure away from the other systems. Water rations would have to be cut severely, I thought, running through a couple of scenarios quickly.

I needed to get the bridge and find out what the outlook was for repairs. Not forgetting, of course, that Firus also wanted to see me.

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