Shameless Part 4

I look up at the clock on the faded blue wall. My tired eyes follow the hands as they slowly circle the clock. I know I should be concentrating on my school work, but my mind continues to wander to my mother. Why did she even come back? Why does she think I’ll forgive her? Suddenly there is a loud crack in the classroom. “Clara! I suggest you pay attention. We both know how much you can’t afford to get another low grade this year," Mr. Rodgers barks. My cheeks burn red. I look over at Cindy, who is giving me a sympathetic smile. I know I can’t afford a low grade. But I also know I can’t pay attention. Not in this life. I’m just about to start working when the hairs on my neck rise. I turn my head to see Jonah Richards staring straight at me. I turn away quickly. Start on my work.

But as the day goes on, I can still feel his giant emerald eyes staring straight at me.

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