Oooh, I am hungry.

Still hungry, even after our time together,
and now my eye roves on.

You were pleasant and all,
and I know I said that you were mine and this:
(us, together) was true love,
but you’re easy to ignore now you’re inside me.
A warm glow,
a fading memory on my tongue.

Now I want more.
I’m hungry.

A laugh could nourish me for a time,
(that I can follow through the streets.)
I can nibble on its delight, like a delicate pastry.
Though, I am sure, its owner is equally delicious.

There! The laugh again and this time I see her.

Oooh. My heart could melt, into a sweet beating broth, trapped by ribs.
Hers, I’m sure, would melt as easily as mine.
It would be even sweeter. Look at her.
Her skin supple, eyes bright.
Young. Tender.

I’m hungry.
She’s so close now, and I want her as much
as I wanted you not so long ago.
You have settled comfortably in my stomach, and wouldn’t grudge me her,
would you?
She would join you, before long.
I could munch, gollup, gulp her down.

I’m so hungry.

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