Love sneaks up on you like a thief. In the darkness it pounces, grabbing you and pulling at you, caressing and cajoling you, pressing you to stay but a moment longer. Love is like water torture, with an incessant drip drip drip of emotion.

drip. joy.
drip. confusion.
drip. desire.
plop. disillusion.

Torture. Now there is a metaphor of love that is not seen in Hollywood movies or between gold-lettered book covers. It’s enough to turn the whole concept sour on its own. It’s only once you’ve experienced love for the first time that you begin to appreciate just how exquisite this torture can be. Every drip becomes a nugget of fresh experience. Every pause is a new challenge. Every moment is a lesson to be treasured.

If love is a joke, I’ll be laughing all my life.
If love is a drug, dose me up.
Nothing is as painful, yet nothing is as wonderful, as love, in all it’s terrible glory.

So fetch the bucket, rig up the chair, and begin the torture.
I’ve got all my life to spare.

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