“Fuck, Jessica, you just left him there? You could’ve at least eaten the food”
“I know– I mean –" Jessica sighed. She sat on her bed, hugging her knees, having spent an hour on the train wearing the wrinkled clothes of yesterday. She took a sip of green tea. She was always thirsty. She had read online somewhere that that was a symptom of diabetes.
“How the fuck did you get out of there without him noticing?”
“I – he was in the kitchen, and I just sort of slipped out.”
Jessica could hear her best friend cackle on the other end.
“Cold, Jess. Cold.”
“Was the sex good at least?”
Jessica blushed. She took a sip of her tea.
“Yes, the sex was good.”
“Awesome,” her friend said, the grin audible. “Shit, I have to go Jess; I’ll see you for lunch, yea?”
Hanging up the phone, Jessica took another sip of her tea.
Her nose was still filled with the smell of bacon and pancakes.
She finished the rest of her tea, and got up to make some more.
She was always thirsty.
Jessica wondered if she was diabetic.

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