Unique taste

“Mmm… lovely.” Geoff licked his lips, digging his fork into a chunk of meat which bobbed in the stew, savouring the smell as he bit into it. “You’ve made another GREAT stew, Rob.”

Rob gave no answer. This was hardly a surprise, mused Geoff. He took another chunk from the bowl and chewed happily. He’d only met Rob a day ago but he had made good stews every day.

A minute later Geoff slurped the last of the stew and smacked his lips. “Lovely” he said again, patting his stomach. Rob was gone. Well, he’d make new friends. He always did.

The next Day Geoff awoke hungry. Hopping out of bed, he grabbed his coat and left his little shack in the woods, heading to the nearest town. Here he took a crowbar from a bag and waited patiently for someone to walk past. Before long he siezed a lone stranger by the hair. After a scuffle behind a nearby house he wiped his club and looked down at the pretty girl he had just met.

“I’ll call you Wendy,” he told her, “and you shall make a lovely roast.”

Wendy gave no answer.

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