“Charizard! You look ah-mazing,” Charlotte’s best friend Julie exclaimed when Charlotte entered English class.
Fuck she wanted –
For a brief moment, Charlotte beamed. Then her heart dropped as Julie went in for the hug.
“Fat-ass,” Julie whispered into her ear, still smiling.
Charlotte returned the hug, grateful.
She took a long gulp from her water bottle, and she could feel Julie’s approving stare next to her.
Class started.
Charlotte watched Julie raise her hand repeatedly, laugh and debate vigorously. How could she? All she could think about was –
Charlotte rubbed her collarbone, pressing until it hurt, for comfort. She did the same with her hipbones. Would she give it all up for –
Charlotte looked at the clock and began to pack up. She heard Mr. Stoddard dismiss the class, and then she heard it:
“Charlotte? Would you see me after class?” he said, without looking at her in the eye.
Charlotte looked up, surprised.
Was she in trouble?
Didn’t matter; all she wanted was –

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