The Girl in the Corner.

Why don’t you love her,
the girl in the corner?
She really needs your love.
Watch her in silence,
curled up in the corner,
waiting for a sign from above.

She’s always alone,
alone in the corner.
Her smile gives away her disguise.
It’s dark over there,
so dark in the corner.
So dark that you can’t see her eyes.

But there’s tears on the floor
the stone floor of the corner.
The stone floor that never will cave.
And blood on the walls,
the cold walls of the corner.
Her heart was too broken to save.

So why won’t you love her,
the girl in the corner?
Just a little would get her through.
Then she could come out,
escape from the corner.
And she would do anything for you.

So please help her out,
get her out of the corner.
Get her out and let her be free.
Or she will remain
forever in the corner.
Eternally cornered I will be.

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