While I watch him sleep his sweet silent slumber, a calm happiness and light warmth flows through my once cold black veins; knowing that this beautiful amazing human being is alive, breathing, and mine makes me feel a sense of placidity that I never felt before I met him. His cool, pale skin glows in the dark as I watch his eyes roll beneath his eyelids, and his strange animal-like scent draws me to him like a slut to sin.

Eventhough he is here now, I feel as though he is not truly mine and that he will be ripped from my hands that cling to him with such intensity that they ache. The pain is worth living in, for the sweet taste that his lips leave in my mouth numb my whole body, and my fingers relax once more, but I don’t think that I will ever be able to sincerely be at ease; the fear of having him severed from me will always remain eating the pit of my stomach as long as he is mine.

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