Lucky Numbers

Erica stared in disbelief at the creased photocopy, and then at the paused TV. In crisp HD, 6 ping pong ball shapes outlined the numbers 8, 14, 21, 22, 33 and 24. She rifled through her purse to dig out the original. They ALL matched. She stifled her excitement and offered only a quick excuse to her boyfriend as she darted out of the apartment.
She drove off with no direction, just to clear her head. “Poor Marc… I asked if he wanted in on the tickets and he said No. He clearly said no.” Erica replayed and reworded the conversation in her mind until she was completely satisfied she wouldn’t have to share with Marc.
She wound up at the store where she bought the tickets, across the street was a lifeless office park.
“They’re so lucky I put together this pool.”
“I bought $20 worth yesterday and then everyone wanted in this afternoon.”
“I bought my tickets yesterday, then I bought the office tickets later…”
Erica smiled to herself. She was the sole winner of $100 million jackpot.

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