I Think, Therefore...

She flexed her fingers, feeling the skin shift and stretch slightly to accomodate her movements. Fascinating she thought, lifting her left foot with visible ecstasy and placing it with infinite care on the cold linoleum flooring. She registered a tinny voice on the air.

“My God, it works…”

It? She shifted weight cautiously to her left leg and lifted herself from the metal seat in which she had been born almost exactly 1 minute ago. Such a feeling! Movement. Her fingertips brushed the white-washed concrete wall and she relished every minor imperfection which she felt through her fragile and miraculous epidermis. Through a large window stood a man in a white coat who looked on in shock and awe. She pondered him for a moment before uncertainly raising a hand and waving. He gasped, dropped his clipboard and waved back.

Her palm pressed lightly on the glass and it was matched by his on the other side. She smiled. From the dark and as yet unexplored recesses of her mind floated a curious word.


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