Eurydice (My first story)

There’s this cold numbness that ruthlessly, relentlessly hangs over me. Forcing me down. Drowning me in the familiar pool of deep, sorrowful despair. Gasping, I haul myself out. Living life through a memory; a sublime, unduly brief time in which we were one. Reminiscing the past, I clutch onto what used to be there, yearning for it to return and knowing it will not.

We loved like there never had been love before and never would be love again. You gave me more to live for than you’ll ever know. Now I’m living a lifeless life; dead, yet somehow alive.

How I crave to hold you… talk to you… be with you. But now there’s no way I can bring you back, no matter how hard I try. I failed you.

The days grow longer. Hours seem to never end. My fragile, tormented soul aches with a previously alien, but increasingly recognisable grief. I long to surrender my life… but I know you wouldn’t want that.

Eurydice, I love you beyond the shadow of death. What is life to me without you? What is left if you are dead?

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