God will always be dead to me

The lights on his face reflected. Showing every little stubble as his eyes pierced through me.
His words had a way.
They touched my heart.
Made my soul feel free.
A distant love, like an idol, yet just a girl.
We sat in the car as I looked to him.
His eyes piercing blue. longing a kiss.
Every glance would melt my heart
though I would see him night and day.
Silent love a girl so young.
A boy so set on music and God.
The day I found out he met a girl
She just like me…
only his age; My heart broke never to heal
The moment he married I became dead.
Black inside. Why didn’t he love me.
I was there
I was his biggest fan.
Those blue eyes pierce through my screen.
I curse the day internet was created
just to remind me of any and all the boys I once loved.
Slowly dying trying to move on.
Not even a word…just a lyric riff in his song.
I felt betrayed by God. It still burns.
Too bad I was in love with a son of preacher.

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