[week 10]
Dear GOD,
I sit here on the shitter, wondering when this will end. Wondering if I should Puke or shit? When did becoming pregnant become a curse? How can I work with every moment hugging the toilet, and pissing myself because I can’t hold it in. I am angry. I was thankful. Now I am in despair.
Blessed with a life inside me. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it.
[week 20]
Dear God,
I lost my job, I lost my house I lost my husband. I don’t know why or how so many women embrace this thing called pregnancy. I now have 20 more weeks, and am stuck with a child inside me. I have no way to feed myself, no place to live. I am about to kill myself if I can’t get a handle on this.
[week 35]
Dear God, I’m almost there. My family took me in since I have no where to go. They seem to despise me. I’m constantly in the bathroom sick. I am eating all the food in their house. I feel unloved and alone.
[week 42]
Dear God
I have been through hell and back. I finally get to hold my angel.
Perfect. Thank you.

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