Authoritative Detective Work

The author gave Gweneth a quizzical stare. There was something wrong here, and it was her given duty as the author to find out what that was.

“Well, normally, here in this world… “Meeting your creator” isn’t seen as a good thing to do…"

Gweneth returned the author’s questioning glance.

The author let the pause stretch, turning away to look out the window. Finally, she continued, “What are you really doing here?”

Gweneth started at the sharp tone, before answering, “I already told you!”

“But… how? How did you get here?!” the author sputtered.

“I… I had an old tome. A tome of spells that I had never told anyone about, not even Matthew! And… I was curious. I didn’t know if they would work, seeing as they were elven spells. Actually, I was sure they wouldn’t, seeing as I don’t have any elf blood in me… But… here I am!”

The author stared at her character. She had forgotten that Gweneth’s grandmother was a half-elf…

A faint wisp of music floated in through the window.

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