Turnabout's Fair

We’ve got to do something!" Josh exclaimed, burying the accelerator to no effect.

“We are doing something, Josh. Because of us, Aegis is already on it’s way here, we just have to wait a few minutes.” Silverfox told him, in as soothing a voice as possible.

“But, what if those people don’t have a few minutes? They’re kids, we can’t just let them…” he rambled, panic edging into his voice as he fumbled for for the sidearm he’d been issued. He yanked at the door handle, but it didn’t respond. “Fox, we’ve got to go, we’ve got to save them, please!”

“Josh, please! They’ll be here in a matter of minutes, and take it from someone with experience in this sort of thing, if we go charging in without backup we’ll just get shot down, and this time we may not get as lucky as we got the last time. I… I just don’t want you to be hurt. Not again. Not because of me.” Silverfox implored.

“Alright,” Josh acceded. “For you, I’ll wait.”

“HQ is never going to believe I was the one who didn’t want to charge in.” Fox sighed.

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