Cultural Phenomenon

" Humans, the council has decided your fate." The deep voice boomed, sound waves echoing throughout the city. People stopped what they were doing immediatley and craned their necks upward towards the gigantic screen in the sky. Voorg’s bulbous head flickered on screen as it had for the past couple of days.

“We have assembled a council from your greatest cultural leaders and humans, we are not impressed.” What passed for a laugh among Voorg’s people reverberated among the terrified populace.

“Therefor,” he continued," As you have forced them upon us, so we force them upon you. Enjoy your apocalypse humans." With one last menacing look, Voorg signed off and instantly the screen split into 3 black sections.

A disembodied voice intoned," All council members were chosen from the cultural phenomenon known as youtube. Judgement was based on audience size."

With that, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, and Shakira take their places on the screen.

Screaming erupts among the terrified populace below, and the world burns.

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