We stand outside in the pouring rain, I can feel the frigid water pouring down my shaved head and I have to supress the urge to shiver. I watch the floating sentries out of the corner of my eye, their floating, vaguely birdlike shapes give me the creeps. I don’t know why they watch us so closely, we stand in straight lines and we do what we’re told.

" If the paper does not have your number, pass it along. If the paper contains your number, hold in your right hand."

That recorded voice plays about every 45seconds, but it seems I am the only one who notices. A paper is pushed into my hand.

It has my number.

I glance side to side and then back down at the paper. A sentry turns and floats in my general direction, so I make a quick decision. A flick of my fingers and its all over. The paper floats down the line. The sentry continues ominously towards me, and I see a second coming my way out of the corner of my eye.


Suddenly I’m not shivering because of the rain, and my brain churns for a solution.

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