Biology Revision

The process
of meiosis
isn’t easy,
makes me queasy.
Words like genes,
Alleles and locus
Makes it difficult
to focus.

Meiosis forms
4 nuclei -
4 daughters:
(please don’t ask me why
they call them that)
the girls have half
the chromosomes
of mum slash dad.

It’s needed, as in
gametes fuse to
create offspring.
And if these gametes
have full sets
of chromosomes
(we’re not done yet)

The produced cell
would end with twice
the chromosomes
(which isn’t nice)
of mum slash dad
but don’t be sad!
Meiosis halves the chromosomes
And keeps the numbers low.

Each diploid cell
(we’re doing well)
of everything
has chromosomes
from dad and mum
two sets, not one …
In humans this means 92
chromosomes for me and you.

Meiosis separates
the pairs
(which isn’t fair)
so only one can come
into the gamete.
Sweet! This is the haploid number.
In humans this is 23,
chromosome pairs for you and me.

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