Replacement Universe

“Nothing happened,” I said. The lights were out and Daniel had been silent and still for a long time, so I had no reason to think he was awake. “It was just another day.”

I heard the slight brush of his head shifting on the pillow. “What did you expect?” he asked sleepily.

I sighed. “Something different. I thought perhaps the universe would end.”

“Maybe it did,” he yawned, stretching to brush my arm with his fingertips. I smiled and rolled my eyes, even though he couldn’t see it.

“We wouldn’t be here then, would we?” I reached out to poke him playfully in the ribs. “So much for your theory.”

He deflected my jab and pushed me away, clearly grumpy about having his rest disturbed. “Maybe this is a whole new universe, mr. smartypants,” he said, rolling over and putting his back to me. “Maybe everything was different yesterday and we don’t even know it.”

A few minutes later, his slowed breath told me he had gone to sleep. I stared up at the ceiling, eyes wide, my hands shaking.

“Maybe,” I said.

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