There's One In Every Club

The mass of bodies pulsed to the driving rhythm. Strobes slashed through the darkness and basslines pounded until all complex emotion was purged and only the chaos of motion remained.

But he was not there.

He had retreated to the corner farthest from the perpetually thrashing bodies, having found a position of some comfort with only himself and a bottle for company. His only desire was for the night to be over.
However, this would not be for some time, so he found himself trying to make sense of the mind numbing motion. As he was failing to do so, a voice interrupted his thoughts.
“Mind if I join you?”
His attention snapped to its owner. She was standing across his table, and they each spent a moment in mutually silent evaluation of the other.
She saw a young business professional out of his social context, just a grey suit and a furrowed brow.
He saw a shockingly attractive girl in a glittering, thigh length dress, her pale skin and violet lips framed by short dark hair.
He consented.

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