My First - Pt. 8

It was a warm night, and at first, we walked in silence. I was happy, proud even, just to be walking next to her.
“Tell me something,” I asked.
“Have you ever .. you know, kissed .. somebody before?”
“Oh ya… a couple of boys in grade 8 – it was a dare; you?”
“No,” I surprised myself. I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed to tell her, “Never..”
“Why not?”
I looked at her; in the moonlight, I’d never seen anyone so .. elegant, “I don’t know, really. Never really took the plunge you know. I’m not good with girls, Andrea. I’m awkward, shy,” he shook my head and stared at the moon as we walked.
She took my hand, and it brought me back to earth and I looked into her blue eyes. She told me, “You’re doing fine with me,”
“Ya, but you’re different,”
“You’re .. You. You’re not like other pretty girls. Pretty girls don’t like guys like me, Andrea!”
She stopped, and her lips pressed against mine gently, slight parted, and the world stopped. Time stopped.
Andrea Leeman was the first girl I ever kissed.

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