The Grey City

Blame the nights of inconvenience,
curse the bells as they ring out.
Twelve o’clock is far too lenient,
waste another hour without.
Wear the garb of silent walkers,
ever sought and never found.
Slightly, lightly, footfall stalkers
all across the town abound.
Ask away, you quaking doubter,
seek the truth you wish to hide.
Creep into the alleys outer,
dine upon your ailing pride.
Dark eclipses cobbled walkways,
fear enables nothing new.
Count the hours from the birthday
of the sunset, gold and blue.
Now by now, the figures gather,
city square their faces blot.
Straying hounds with yelping lather,
mice retreat, their meal forgot.
Sunset, sunrise, us inflicting,
best to not encroach upon.
Find us doing deeds convicting,
best forget and get thee gone.
Time and space have no great meaning,
only means to measure wants.
Countless gathered, all demeaning,
minuscule within their haunts.

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