All The Ingredients Are There

See Warren, age 5, playing with LEGO at school. He slips a LEGO man into his pocket to take home. Noone notices. Later he will tell his Mum it was a present from his teacher.

See Warren, age 9, standing in a hospital corridor awkwardly watching his Father fall to his knees, crying. His Mum has died. His feelings of sadness conflict with the wonder of whether his schoolmates will treat him differently.

See Warren, age 12, his friend Michael offering him a cigarette. He declines. Michael punches him in the stomach.

See Warren, age 17, dropping out of College. The educational system doesn’t hold his interest. He has bigger fish to fry.

See Warren, age 21, working another job he doesn’t care about for a company that won’t exist in a year’s time. He’s missed a deadline. He doesn’t care.

See Warren, age 29, his girlfriend telling him she loves him so very much, and yet she leaves anyway.

See Warren, age 31, a gun falling from his hand, a bullet tearing through his head, ripping through bone, twisting flesh.

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