Chiaroscuro's Song

There, behold the hero bright,
In his eyes, the failing light
Lost amidst the darkness falling
Small within prevailing night
Who will aid him in his plight?
Who will answer to his calling?
No response, no helpful stranger.
None to aid his cause endangered.
Failure comes despite.
Death inspires fright.

But, Death summoned to his side,
Pale and spectral, undenied,
Says, “Oh hero, why retreat?
Why do you now run and hide?
Is the fear so great inside?
What became of former pride?”
Shamefully, the hero’s gaze
Without words his heart displays.
Nought but self reliance
Was his his failed defiance.

Death perceives the hero’s lack.
Without use does he attack
The subtle evil darkness drifting.
So the hero feels the rack
Of doubt when facing shadows black.
He sees the foe, so ever shifting,
And cannot the burden bear
The thought of Death, of battle’s cost
If at his failure, Light is lost.
Death foresees his pain,
And with his words explains:

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