The Spectral Force VS Ramses II

“Kneel! Kneel before Ramses the Great!”
Cleric dodged one of the magical plasma bolts which the self-proclaimed pharaoh was unleashing with alarming rapidity and apparent indiscretion. It sizzled into the concrete like a sparking lime.
Leaping over the glowing puddle, Cleric took shelter behind an over turned car. He checked the brand and found it was a Volvo.
‘That should buy you some time,’ echoed a feminine voice in his head.
“Hey!” he shouted back. “I have no brand loyalty, Cosmos! I just—” More plasma struck, this time eating away at his cover. The car held, though.
‘You were saying?’ she prompted.
“Never mind!” Cleric adjusted his long black coat with a burnt hand. “Just give me some cover! I want to be done with the Egyptian Idiot before the Morning Edition!”
’Sure thing, Father.
“I’m not your f—”
Cosmos flew down from the sky, throwing miniature stars at Ramses II. He hastily fled the ensuing explosions.
Taking a deep breath, Cleric removed his gloves.
“Alright. Time to finish this.”

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