The Ingredients Aren't Always Apparent

See Charlie, age 5, playing piano. She’s learnt the right-hand for Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and her father tells her he’s proud of her. She smiles. She’s proud too.

See Charlie, age 9, as she wanders around her parents’ new six-bedroom house. The birds sing merrily outside as she thinks about how excited her school friends will be when they visit.

See Charlie, age 12, with her first boyfriend. His father’s a doctor and his mother is a lawyer. He buys her chocolates and they kiss.

See Charlie, age 17, receiving her exam results a year early. Her achievements had put her up a year and she revels in a clean sweep of A* grades.

See Charlie, age 21, as she sits in her plush office, pondering her meteoric rise to the top. Her salary is fantastic and her life could not get better.

See Charlie, age 29, as she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress. It’s the happiest day of her life.

See Charlie, age 31, a gun falling from her hand, a bullet tearing through her head, ripping through bone, twisting flesh.

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